Tasha Clayton (loveless_wonder) wrote in hardcorefridays,
Tasha Clayton

Hardcore Friday!!!

Ok so my friday...fuck my weekend was awesome! I got fucked up at Brian's house. He is really cute by the way. And I got fucked up at Derik's houes. It was weird cuz I slept in the same bed with Derik 2 nights in a row. Nuts right? Well any who I have my choir trip this weekend so of course we're getting fucked up in the hotel. I love bus trips I'm gonna get baked out my mind with Tom and Brian. I hung out with Chuck Hafner this hardcore friday aswell. He's so fine. Speaking of fine. Tony Pedri and the boys team lost state by 9 points in Casper. Fucking ass holes. What ever. WyCas Testing is this week...not so hardcore. But what ever. Spring Break is coming up which leads me to my next topic...


The contest is this...
Who had the most hardcore spring break.
Get drunk, smoke pot, do coke I dont give a fuck just make it count.
Take lots of pictures and write detailed account of thats weeks events. This include parties, people pukeing, what ever.
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