x-) (iamdanielle) wrote in hardcorefridays,

Last night I got really stoned and wrote this on the inside cover of my paperback copy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Not because i thought I sounded like Mr. Thompson, simply because it was a drug experience.

My mind shifts back and fourth between topics.
I feel like my handwriting is bad.
It is.
Anxiesty ensues. About school.
I tell myself to calm down, and I do.
I remember things I was thinking or saying the last time I got lifted and never even thought of when I was straight.
Reggae is healing.
Blurry...My visions is going by the second.
It'll be back. All in good time.
My thoughts are so clear. I'm solving little tiny problems I was having earlier very easily.
My handwriting sucks.

Just thought I'd share.
Anyone else ever write down what they're thinking about and feeling when they're stoned?

Oh. I saw Michael Franti and Friends last night in Chicago.
It was incredible, mostly because I was literally front and center. And I got a shitload of pictures of the man!
Anyone a Franti and Spearhead fan?
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