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Last night I got really stoned and wrote this on the inside cover of my paperback copy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Not because i thought I sounded like Mr. Thompson, simply because it was a drug experience.

My mind shifts back and fourth between topics.
I feel like my handwriting is bad.
It is.
Anxiesty ensues. About school.
I tell myself to calm down, and I do.
I remember things I was thinking or saying the last time I got lifted and never even thought of when I was straight.
Reggae is healing.
Blurry...My visions is going by the second.
It'll be back. All in good time.
My thoughts are so clear. I'm solving little tiny problems I was having earlier very easily.
My handwriting sucks.

Just thought I'd share.
Anyone else ever write down what they're thinking about and feeling when they're stoned?

Oh. I saw Michael Franti and Friends last night in Chicago.
It was incredible, mostly because I was literally front and center. And I got a shitload of pictures of the man!
Anyone a Franti and Spearhead fan?

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Heyyy guys. I just got back from Edinburgh in Scotland... I was there with my comedy troupe performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was fucking amazing.
Me and two of my friends went on a weed hunt our second night there.
After an hour or so of searching we met,
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He was able to hook us up with a little less than an ounce.
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The bud we got from Howard was fucking incredible. He said the shit was from Amsterdam. I wasn't suprised... It was so white because of all the crystals.
Shit was craaaazy up in Scotland. :)

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Pain killers. Beautiful, addictive pain killers.

My Friday began with sledding and drinking, and shifted to taking Percocet and watching Lord of the Flies. No pictures, sorry, but maybe soon.

Hardcore enough? Percocets make it hardcore, so screw ya.

Loves. <3
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