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new layout + a half-hXc saturday?

first off, NEW HXC LAYOUT. I'm still gonna tweak it some so suggestions and comments are more than welcomed and even *requested* so give me feedback please!! I kinda slapped together the top banner thing so I might redo it anyway, thoughts? what about the color scheme? anyway.

saturday night I smoked up with my friends Corey and Rob, then we ate Chinese food (whhyyy oh whhyyy do I do this to myself :[ ow. my stomach.) and then we found a party one of Corey's friends was having. so we hung there for a while watching people get shitfaced and all that, though I only drank a few beers and then went home after we smoked more in the car. it reeks of pot now haha. I don't even think Corey's mom cares opposite from my dad who yelled at me when I got back at like 3 am and yelled more the next day. I am so, so totally grounded for, like, ever. I still gotta do something for my birthday on *SUNDAY*.
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