x-) (iamdanielle) wrote in hardcorefridays,

When I got home from school, I found out I got into my first choice college.

Then I went to Mike's new apartment.

Aaron and his beer.

Drunk Mike.

Mac wearing his shirt in an interesting way.

Scottish Mark.

Michael. Stoned. Trying to open his eyes as wide as he can.


Then I went home... This is what the rest of my evening consisted of.

...Isn't that weird?
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Woah... the faaace
cool pics, heh.
I want Family Guy Seasons 1&2... I also want to own Super Troopers.. :p
I need to get my DVD collection booming again!

P.S. That face in the smoke is scurry. :p
I adore you for keeping this community alive. Once I get my computer back from the damn cops, I'll probably post like crazy. Yet, as said, the man took my baby away. :(

You're pretty.
lol. don't worry about it.

i LOVE the idea for this community and i want it to catch on. :]

thank you!!